VIDEO:Harambe a 17 Year Old Gorilla Dead

Extended video of Harambe shows gorilla holding the boy’s hand



It’s all over about the death of Harambe, I have seen the video, read so much about this, that I feel it is time for me to report about how I see this.

Yes, the parents were not paying attention, and they are in the wrong for that. But, we as humans have let this type of stuff happen and continue. While the natural habitats for these gorillas are being destroyed, and having them locked in a zoo for on lookers daily. Well, this guy was more protecting that boy instead of harming him. Harambe was more in his protective instincts mode, due to all the yelling and screaming from on lookers.


This guy shouldn’t be dead today!! He should be still alive, and the zoo keepers should learn more about them and how they are to protect not harm. I am ashamed of them and how the Cincinnati Zoo officials took his life, when it clearly looked like he was protecting this boy.

We as humans shouldn’t allow these animals to be locked up in cages and admired by us in zoos. These animals deserve to be free in their own environment.

Now this mother wants her privacy and not to be bothered. She should be in trouble for child neglect, she shouldn’t have ever taken her eyes off of him to allow something like this to happen.


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