(UpDated)Breaking: “Explosion in Central Park NYC”

UPDATE: July 4th,2016- Apparently the explosion was an experimental firework or homemade explosive..very concerning and the police still don’t have any leads.


As we inch towards our 4th of July celebrations in memory of Americas Independence  our terror level rises. Recent threats from an Isis website indicating possible locations where we could expect targeted chaos. However not on the list and too early to tell exactly what caused the explosion today around 11:30 am in NYC’s Central Park which unfortunately left one young man severely injured.



Connor Golden, 18, from Fairfax, Va. was visiting the Big Apple over the holiday weekend when he along with two friends were taking a stroll thru Central Park. According to witnesses within the near vicinity they all heard a loud explosion like sound and assumed fireworks foul play. It wasn’t until they saw the young man when they noticed the injury to his leg. When questioning his friends they stated he was climbing a rock structure when he stepped on something and it exploded.

Thomas Hinds(20), and Joseph Stabile, (18) — denied they were carrying fireworks moments before being taken away in an ambulance. Police are currently investigating this event as they have closed Central Park to the public and haven’t released any info other than they responded to a possible amputee incident.



Witness comments listed below:

John Murphy, 53-“I saw his friends standing there panicking. I saw the young man laying on the grass. His foot is all but gone.  His friends claimed he was walking down the rocks and he stepped on it. It looks like there was an explosion,” Murphy said,“It was an explosive of some sort. The damage is just awful. I didn’t see any metal. It was very weird.”


Sara Gordon, 27-“His left foot looked severed. It was very graphic,” she said. “I was running back and forth to direct the police here. It sounded like a cannon. I thought it was a 4th of July thing.”


Vendor Karma Nyima, 49-“A lot of people were running. Everybody was scared. I walk over to the guy. His leg looked pretty bad, a lot of blood. Somebody took his belt and tied it around, trying to stop the bleeding.”

We will post updates on this story as they are made public. And just a final thought as many enter this fire works filled weekend and scheduled holiday events thru out the nation. Stay Alert Stay Alive, See Something Say Something and if handling fireworks please use extreme caution not just for yourself but for those around you as well. Its imperative that situational awareness is in full effect. Its 2016 and we live in a whole different era than we remember as we twirled sparklers and celebrated in our back yards.



H/T [Daily News NYC]




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