The Dothan Police Department (Alabama) received a report from two residents saying that they discovered KKK flyers strewn across their driveways. The flyers indicate that the KKK is now using the transgender crisis to its advantage as a recruitment tool.  Hoping that aggravated Americans who stand with the NC-HB2 Bill may join forces. Police Chief Steve Parrish confirmed the police department had received the report and are currently investigating the matter.

“We got five new members just today from Dothan, Alabama,” North Carolina’s Grand Dragon said.


kkk flyer

“What you’re dealing with is potentially implications of a hate crime or promoting a hate crime, so we notified the FBI,” Parrish said.

Grand Dragon Robert Jones, who oversees the Loyal White Knights KKK  in North Carolina, said Tuesday that the fliers were distributed by  members in Alabama and Mississippi.

“I think that it’s sick that the federal government is trying to push us on a state level,” referring to the newly passed HB2 Bill in NC Jones Said

“I think that it’s going to become an issue in the future,” said Jones. “I have a feeling a lot of violence is going to come out of this.”

If overturned via the (US JUSTICE DEPT) and their current bullying attempts being thrown at NC by withholding educational funds by the millions then he might be on track with the violence aspect.  Many Americans and North Carolinians  have expressed their disgust and have addressed their concerns. Mostly all safety and privacy concerns while attending public restrooms and locker facilities.  Associating the KKK with the Transgender crisis will only feed Loretta Lynch and Obama in their attempts to severe the states rights and determination on the lawmaking process.

tgkkkThe contact information on the flyers seems to be a number from the Reidsville, NC and/or Wilkesboro area and currently the web address listed provides an application to join with a 20 registration fee and  ten-dollar monthly dues. They advise people to mail the applications to this address: P.O. Box 54. Pelham, NC 27311. Remember … You are not a valid member until your application has been received, processed and approved.

Capt. Will Benny said there was actually no crime committed in the distribution of the flier, which he said also solicited donations from the public.

So yet another strange outcome from the current common sense bathroom laws and debates across the nation. And although I personally support the HB2  Bill here in NC I can not and will not advocate for others to join the KKK in their efforts. I would rather spend 10 dollars a month donating to a charitable cause.




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