SHOCKING VIDEO- You Won’t Believe what this Georgia Realtor did to his Dog!!

If you’re a true animal lover/owner, you more than likely treat your fur baby like it’s one of your children.

Well, for this 4 year old Husky Mix, Betty Boop was treated very cruel on July 4th, 2016.

You can clearly hear laughing from the daughter filming. How is this even funny!

William R. Scaffidi President at Phoenix Realty Greater Atlanta Agent

William R Scaffidi

Address:1448 N Highland Ave Ne, Atlanta, Georgia, 30306-3353

CountyFulton Real Estate AgencyPhoenix Realty Telephone(404)

839-8771 Fax(404) 892-9927


This outraged most animal lovers, that dog couldn’t defend himself and he had no safe place to hide.

William Scaffidi, who is the dogs owner is also being charged for not having a Fulton County license for the animal.

“I do not feel that it reflects on the person I am” said Scaffidi

He states he had no idea the dog was out there, but the daughter videoing the whole time, knew the dog was there. Therefore, no matter her age, she should be charged as well. She could have told him that the dog was present before lighting fire works.

William R Scaffidi is a Real Estate agent  for Phoenix Reality, Atlanta, Ga (Fulton County)

His daughter who is 13 years old was the one filming this crime, the video is graphic for some. When I first watched it, I cried and was livid.

While Fulton County Animal Services charged him with animal cruelty, he defended himself by stating his dog “Betty Boop” was harmed. Seriously!!! That poor girl is terrified and was probably shaking out of her fur, fire works are NOT for our fur babies.

“he though the prank would be funny, and didn’t think the dog would be that scared.” Scaffidi stated in an interview

I believe that the 13 year old daughter should be charged as well, she might be a minor, but she needs to be charged as well for her actions in the incident.

The neighbors and friends that seen the video posted online, were outraged and started to share, to help get the news out there.

William Scaffidi will have to appear in court on July 26th. They’re looking to get the dog removed from the home, and seeking jail time.

This is the picture before the fire works were lit. Now tell me that he didn’t see his dog standing there.

This is after it has all happened, Betty Boop is terrified and looking for shelter, as her so called “owners” stand around laughing.

Will be posting an update after the court date on July 26th.

Until then..Contact the DA’s office and ask for max penalty :

Paul Howard District Atty 404-612-4981

Contact FULTON CO DA DOG IS STILL WITH HIM UNTIL THE COURT DATE..yep .. the dog has not been removed from the home.. also we found this out.. share this info everywhere..

I have heard that this guy’s a real piece of shit, from those who know him but now I can see it for myself he has abused animals in the past he kicked his ex-wife’s small dog and broke her hip several years ago he needs to be punished and never be able to have an animal again

Paul Howard District Atty 404-612-4981
Address: 136 Pryor St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303
After 5pm (404) 224-3230 (Complaint Room)

Hopefully with the Public’s help Fulton County can access Vet Records to see if any other signs of abuse have been observed.


Follow this story on Animals Lives Matter FB Page


H/T wsbtv


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