**Warning **Video of Deadly Police Encounter


Once again a video surfaces of yet another deadly police  encounter….

This time the video was shot live and streamed on Facebook of a horrible encounter that went terribly wrong. Before I get into this lets also note that as always the video begins after prior events have taken place. That alone can leave speculation as to the actual events which led up to death of Philando Castile over a routine traffic stop.

shot 2

For now, I will stay limited and just present facts that are known and as time evolves we should learn more of the total ordeal.

As he’s reaching, he lets the officer know, ‘I have a firearm on me,'” Reynolds said. “I begin to yell, ‘But he’s licensed to carry.’ After that, he began to take off shots — bup bup bup.”

According to the video Castile’s girlfriend stated they were pulled over for a busted tail light and that the driver notified the law enforcement officer that he was in possession of a weapon. Which , Diamond Reynolds stated right before the shooting occured that he has a permit for to the officer. When requested to provide identification the officer apparently assumed he was reaching for the gun. Not sure, the police officer opened fire and shot him 4 times. All the while his girlfriend started filming the aftermath and a young child was seated in the back seat. You can clearly hear the officer ask fiancée Diamond Reynolds to keep her hands on the wheel. Also heard is a visibly shaken and scared cop who repeats that he asked him not to reach for it.  Apparently and obviously there had been mis-communication between the two.


The officer involved has been placed on administration leave and the Governor of Minnesota has asked for the DOJ to conduct an investigation. The child was not harmed and was removed from the vehical afterwards along with the mother. Reynolds phone was tossed to the ground but continued recording and captures various comments in the background as she is being detained. We will keep you posted on updates as this unfolds.

“He killed him for no reason at all,” Reynolds said, adding that the cop appeared to be crying. “He was frantic and very, very nervous.”

Be assured that Americans as well as Activist Groups will become very vocal within the next few days, however I will select to wait until the police can provide a separate video from their cruisers and or body cams to determine whom is at fault. Regardless of any outcome we can only but mourn another American life due to the actions of law enforcement. Whom are also presumed just as innocent as any civilian until proven guilty.


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