13-Year-Old Arrested for Stealing Guns to “Kill Police”

Baton Rouge,  Louisiana

Saturday Police responded to a burglary call at a Baton Rouge pawn shop where 4 individuals where in the process of robbing the location. Of the four involved one was apprehended while the other three managed to escape and get away with a reported 8 guns. All four people, including a 13-year-old boy, were part of the “substantial credible threat” to shoot Baton Rouge officers in retaliation for the death of Alton Sterling. Police released this information on Tuesday as they continue to search for the fourth suspect.

Since the 13-yr-old is a juvenile his name and picture have not been released to the public.

17-year-old Antonio Thomas,  was apprehended during the initial call. Malik Bridgewater, 20, was apprehended Sunday and a third suspect, a 13-old boy, was apprehended over the week-end. Another man was arrested in connection for buying 2 of the stolen handguns but is not connected to the actual robbery. All of the suspects are from Baton Rouge and all are African-American.

They are currently charged with the following;  burglary, simple burglary, and theft of a firearm. They have not been arrested on any charges related to plotting to kill police at this point and the investigation is still ongoing. And as for the plot to kill officers the police chief said that the suspects didn’t indicate when or where a possible plot would be carried out.


“We have been questioned repeatedly over the last several days about our show of force and why we have the tactics that we have. Well, this is the reason, because we had credible threats against the lives of law enforcement in this city,” Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie added.

As we near Friday, the 15th of July tensions within the public as well as the law enforcement community are rising  as protesters continue to flock to the streets. The group known as Anonymous has called for a National “Day of Rage”. They stated in a video that it is up to the police if this “Day of Rage’ will be peaceful or not. After reading articles of this nature, where its obvious that the younger generation is willing to go to such extreme measures to either protect themselves or to inflict harm I can only sit here and hope for the best for all involved.


It’s sad to see that young children are willing to put their lives on the line to assist with the criminal acts of others. That is not how protesting is supposed to be viewed and its setting a terrible example for the other young minds across America.

H/T [Universal Journal Review]

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