VIDEO- Mail Man Pepper sprays Innocent Dogs

Houston Texas:

A mail carrier for the United States Post Office is under scrutiny since this video has been released. As the carrier approaches the home of the Cruz Family he unleashes a dose of pepper spray upon the three dogs. All three of which pose no threat to the postal employee and are simply barking and jumping up and down as he approaches the mailbox. You can clearly see in the video that the family had provided fencing as to not have to encounter such a situation.

“They’re little dogs behind the fence. They don’t deserve that. Just put the mail in and go to the next house,” said Cruz.

I guess what bothers me the most is the casual demeanor in which this postal carrier carries out the event as it’s just a normal routine for himself.Luckily the Cruz family has surveillance cameras and is able to show the pets posed no such harm. The family after reviewing this video went to the office of postal affairs in their community and requested an apology as well as the mail man be disciplined. They do not wish for him to lose his job but would like to prevent future situations of this nature from happening again.  The postal service has issued an apology but could not discuss anything else as it is a personnel matter.

mailman 2

“Every effort has been made to resolve this issue, and a senior postal manager will visit the pet owners and apologize on behalf of the U.S. Postal Service. Regarding the status of the letter carrier, as this is a personnel issue, the Postal Service is not a liberty to comment.”

I understand the need for  such precautions however in this instance it was totally uncalled for. If you are afraid of contained puppies then maybe you should rethink your career path.


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