Breaking News & Actual Video- “France Under Attack”- 70+ dead and 100+ Injured



  • Texas father and his 11-year-old son reported among the dead in Nice attack
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  • 31 year old Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, Nice truck attacker was from Tunisian town of Msaken – Tunisian security sourcesnice
  • 2 Americans, 10 children among at least 84 killed in Bastille Day terror attack in Nice

As thousands gathered on the streets of Nice , France to celebrate Bastille Day and started to head home after a fireworks display terror has struck once again. This time not in the form of a bomb but rather a commercial type white truck which officials have confirmed was  loaded with grenades and fire arms. It’s too early to tell if this was related to current attacks from a specific terrorist organization currently striking out across these European nations.


It is indeed an act of terror and we can respectfully say that we are quite certain Isis will claim responsibility.


As many were wrapping up evening events the truck plowed thru a crowd and continued its rampage for almost a mile all the while zig zagging in an effort to inflict as much catastrophic  collateral damage as possible. Witnesses state that the driver was also firing at spectators during his rampage down the deadly pathway. Currently 77 people as of 9:23 est. time has been confirmed dead (including Children)and over a hundreds injured. As the carnage is constantly accessed many expect the number to continue to rise.

VIDEO of the Actual Truck and another of the aftermath:


Katie Baronie Shaw, 21
“We had no idea what was going on. Then all we could hear was gunshots. My friend just grabbed me and we all went out the back stairs and had to sprint out staying low with guys ushering us away from the foreshore.”

Also to be noted is that moments after this attack images started surfacing and news outlets began spreading  the assumption that the Eiffel tower was on fire and possibly related to the attack in Nice France. However we have obtained video of the fire and you can see in the far right corner that a truck carrying fireworks had an accident and was the cause of this alarming news. French officials have confirmed that the event at the tower was not related and stated that it was a fireworks accident gone horribly wrong.

As the tragedy in Nice, France unfolds we will add updates to keep you informed. Our Hearts and prayers go out to all of those suffering as a result of this tragedy.


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