California Gunmen Open Fire on Crowd-14 Wounded

Bakersfield, California

In the early hours of July 16th, 2016 residents were awaken  by the sounds of gunshots and the sound of sirens. Later they would find out that terror had struck their neighborhood in the form of possible gang related activity or simply as a form of revenge. Three Black Males returned to the site of an ongoing house party and unloaded their clips into a crowd of an estimated 150 people. Fourteen of the party attendees would later be rushed to the hospital while the law enforcement officials processed the scene.


According to Ray Pruitt, Kern County Sheriffs Dept, the shooting occurred about 1 a.m. in the 600 block of Stephens Drive and left two people in critical condition and 12 others wounded. The owner of the home was treated for a gun shot wound  to the neck and was later released. This victim was the father of a teen whom had been given permission by her parents to throw a house party. Little did they know she would advertise it along social media and received many uninvited  guest. Reports state that earlier in the evening a fight broke out and those involved were asked to leave. They then returned around 12:30  exited their vehicles and began disbursing shots into the crowd of teens and then fled the scene. Witnesses say they were 3 black males between the ages of 16-19.


“Most of the people being transported to hospitals were sitting upright on gurneys or in wheelchairs and appeared to be conscious.” –Vic Hager

Vic Hager, 63, who lives across the street stated that he heard about 15 shots and when he looked out there were teens laying on the ground injured.  No deaths have been reported in this shooting and the police are still searching for the gunmen.

Investigators are having a hard time getting information related to the shooting from witnesses.  The parents may face charges, as police and investigators determined that alcohol was served at the party after finding containers strewn across the lawn.

All 14 victims including the 2 listed  in critical condition are expected to survive. All party guest were between the ages of 15-18 years of age.



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