Its Not Over Yet.. Gavin Jones Home Surrounded and Roads Blocked

Hours following the tragedy in Baton Rouge today where 3 law officials had their lives taken by a lone gunman his identity has been released. Gavin Long, 29, of Kansas City, Missouri has been officially named as the gunman. Police say  he  celebrated his 29th birthday today as records indicate  he was born on July 17th,1987.  Just like the Dallas shooter has a military background.


Reporters are currently at his residence in Kansas City and the police have arrived and blocked off the street after a reporter knocked on the door. Someone answered the door and in their hands they were carrying an AK-47 so authorities were immediately dispatched. This is currently another ongoing situation far from the Baton Rouge crime scene. Lets just hope who ever the door was simply protecting themselves and is now co-operating with the police.

We are currently awaiting updates as this progresses.

The Daily Caller has discovered that Jones is a former member of The Nation of Isalm and after viewing videos from his YouTube channel they reported his rants where he rages about crackers.

Also after doing a quick Facebook search I noticed that a page had been created under his name It is yet to be classified as a fake page however from seeing the propaganda I can only assume it is falsely made with the intentions of fueling more fire to the currently heated topic sweeping America. The most recent post before the page was deleted  mentioned,” I am not Dead and am still on the run.” The page has since been deleted.

Also here is a post from Baton Rouge officer Montrell Jackson’s Facebook  who is one of three who were killed today as a result of the shooting.

baton rouge police

 Our Condolences to all lives lost this year within as well as outside of the Law Enforcement Community

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