Western Atlantic News is a non-affiliated and unfiltered source which means we can provide U.S. and World News to the public in an independent format.  There are no investors and/or corporate entities restraining us from speaking the truth and bringing you raw news straight and to the point. Our authors are permitted and will  include their individual personal opinions in articles from time to time.  We are currently an all 100% volunteer team whos mission is to share knowledge thru information without any personal monetary gain.

Our authors will always use their real names and will never hide behind pen names because as one of our beliefs we believe that are readers are owed the respect of knowing whom they are receiving information from.

Some articles posted on Western Atlantic News  may show up on other websites where they have  been shared and/or published by the author before or after joining the Western Atlantic News  information team. All authors who post on our site reserve the right to their content and are not restricted from publishing elsewhere. There is not a binding contract between  Western Atlantic News  with any other Media site and the views and reflections of any post based on an authors personal opinion are based on individual beliefs and they hold  personal liability for any comments and or derogatory comments which may be interjected.


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